Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Growth Foundation
                                           Planting the seeds of our faith...
Where do we come from?

 "We eat the fruit from trees we did not plant"

Almost three-quarters of the Unitarian and Universalist congregations in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association (PNWD-UUA) are the result of our forebears' commitment and vision. Other congregations, other people, helped those congregations begin. Today the Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Growth Foundation (PNUUGF) is committed to a similar vision of growth and is working to ensure that all who seek a religoius home here will find a congregation to welcome them.

The PNUUGF encourages bequests and other gifts to help finance growth projects of the member congregations of the PNWD-UUA and the British Columbian region of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC).

The PNUUGF is administered by an elected Board of Trustees who are unpaid volunteers. The current members and officers of the Board and their email addresses are:

  • Stan Jewett (term ends 2019), President 
  • Don Gayton (2020), Vice President
  • Brian Rogers (2019), Treasurer 
  • Rev. Wendy Fish (2019)
  • Rev. Millie Rochester (2020)
  • LJ Frederickson (2020)
  • Rev. Antonia Won (2021)

For more information:

Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Growth Foundation
2839 W. Kennewick Avenue, PMB 231
Kennewick, WA 99336
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